Introducing our new way of recruiting !

Why go through old methods of waiting around for slow recruiters when you can WiseMatch?

WiseMatch is a brand new way of recruiting fast and precisely to get you the right match and correct candidate every time.

Our cloud based software scours all the top internet job sites and staffing databases across the world to ensure the candidate is specifically matched to not just your role, but the skills you’re looking for and locality to your business, to ensure you get the right candidate every time.

It’s not hard to use either, all you do is fill out a job description template, and we start matching straight away. In fact, most clients get their match booked for interview within 7 days.

The biggest advantage to WiseMatch, is that it comes free when utilising our recruitment services. This means that when you let us recruit for your role, we get to work on the software straight away.

For more information, or to use this service now contact us on:0330 350 0758

Recruiting Revolutionised!

A straight forward, user friendly way of matching the perfect candidate with the ideal company, location and job description, with just a few clicks!

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